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Macro Agile Solutions concentrates on helping businesses succeed in Agile.
Our consulting services has the capabilities and expertise that can help your organisation  start a new journey of Agile transformation and achieve success. Let us work with you to create the most suitable enterprise Agile strategies.
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Nour Eldin Arafa


Associate Partner,  SPC, PMP® , CSM ,SSM, ICP-ACC , ICP-ATF, OCA

SAFe program consultant ( SPC ) and ICP-ACC Agile Coach with above 16 years of experience in the field of IT and software and with above 9 years in leading the Agile transformation on organizations with a variety of sizes, structures, and business domains. through my journey, I coach many teams to achieve their best performance and change their mindset from doing Agile to being Agile also I taught a lot of teams how to use Lean principles to reduce waste and how to improve their process, one of my important goals is to spread agile and lean thinking all over the world through using of SAFe framework.


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