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Macro Agile Solutions concentrates on helping businesses succeed in Agile.
Our consulting services has the capabilities and expertise that can help your organisation  start a new journey of Agile transformation and achieve success. Let us work with you to create the most suitable enterprise Agile strategies.
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Tamer Alim


Founder Partner, SPC4.6, CSM, PMP, ITIL Expert, TOGAF

Solutions-driven manager of value-adding programs fueling global growth, competitive advantage and transformative change for diverse industries. Conceptualize and execute program vision from start to finish, managing complex milestones while adapting to changes and shifting priorities. Lead international, cross-functional teams in delivering strategic initiatives proven to improve systems, processes and bottom-line results.

What Class Attendees say about Tamer

-“Really nice instructor, was accommodating to the class size and was able to adapt the pace based on feedback and our level of familiarity with the content.”

-“He is an excellent trainer not only as a teacher but also has work extreme experience that makes him answer all question and find a solution for all problems”

-“He is creative in using a variety of training and facilitation methods. he able to recognize group dynamics, facilitate a discussion and build consensus during training. he helped our group to achieve useful training outcomes. He improved our knowledge and promoted full participation”

-“I liked the training a lot, Tamer was very good on explaining the principles of SAFE. Thank you!!!!”

-“Excellent knowledge of course content, and was able to answer questions about real life applications of the framework in context, based on his own experience.”

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